Find Penny
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9/30/2021 Ashley Amici Two Brother’s Deli & Pizza
9/23/2021 Brett Munson Brickyard Pizza
9/16/2021 Mary Ann Hildebrandt Town & Country Liquors
9/9/2021 Georgia Lee Maddocks Two Brother’s Deli & Pizza
9/2/2021 Dondrea Winters Black Horse Farms
8/26/2021 Joe Fiscoeth Brickyard Pizza
8/19/2021 James Ferro AGA Sales
8/12/2021 Holly Winters Two Brother’s Deli & Pizza
8/5/2021 Benjamin Carrus Gem Woodstove LLC
7/29/2021 Lisa Pagan Brickyard Pizza
7/22/2021 Kelly Webber Black Horse Farms
7/15/2021 Chelsea J Zimmerman Town & Country Liquors
7/08/2021 Stacey Pangoulias Brickyard Pizza
7/01/2021 Tapiwa Muronda Black Horse Farms
6/24/2021 Laure Palen Town & Country Liquor
6/17/2021 Reggie McCarthy Brickyard Pizza
6/10/2021 Carol Cochrane Black Horse Farms
6/03/2021 Susan Frank Two Brother’s Deli & Pizza
5/27/2021 Lisa L Fellows Brickyard Pizza
5/20/2021 Georgette M Cutler UFP New York, LLC.
5/13/2021 Nancy Lavallee Rip Van Winkle Brewing Co.
5/06/2021 Sam Turpin Sunny Hill Resort & Golf Course
4/29/2021 Deacon Don Trees Route 32 Supply
4/22/2021 Caren Burt Herzogs Home & Paint Centers
4/15/2021 Colleen Greco Town & Country Liquors
4/8/2021 Michelle Tummilo Black Horse Farms
4/1/2021 Lisa Richard Two Brother’s Deli & Pizza
3/25/2021 John Dominowski Uncle B’s Car Wash
3/18/2021 Lisa Wolgamuth AHC Excavation
3/11/2021 Roxann Creen Town & Country Liquors
3/4/2021 Chyanne Johnson Two Brother’s Deli & Pizza
2/25/2021 Diane Cruz AGA Sales
2/18/2021 Hollie Ferrara Black Horse Farms
2/11/2021 Lisa Dodd Uncle B’s Car Wash
2/4/2021 Judith Ann Della Chiesa Two Brother’s Deli & Pizza
1/28/2021 Art Chiarot Town & Country Liquors
1/21/2021 Christopher Mayone ColorPage
1/14/2021 Lynn E Gedicks AGA Sales
1/7/2021 Nancy Cochrane Two Brother’s Deli & Pizza
12/31/2020 Maria Gruen Town & Country Liquors
12/24/2020 Fred Legg Two Brothers Pizza & Deli
12/17/2020 Cindylee Travis AGA Sales
12/10/20 Robert Lippman Uncle B’s Laundromat & Car Wash
12/03/20 Peggy Casey-Fitzpatrick Town & Country Liquors
11/26/20 Joe Bisignano Two Brothers Pizza & Deli
11/19/20 Priscilla Bennett Uncle B’s Laundromat & Car Wash
11/12/20 Gina Kiniry Gem Woodstoves
11/05/2020 Lynda Doughty Two Brothers Pizza & Deli
10/29/2020 Cheri Sagazie AGA Sales
10/22/2020 Mallisa M Rodriquez Uncle B’s Laudromat
10/15/2020 Donna Myer-O’Rourke Town & Country Liquors
10/8/2020 Brooke Breithaupt Two Brothers Pizza & Deli
10/1/2020 Hannah Bagshaw Town & Country Liquors
9/24/2020 Vera Bolde AGA Sales
9/17/2020 Amber Dominowski Town & Country Liquors
9/10/2020 Elaine Cornelison Country Armory
9/3/2020 Emily Capeles Two Brothers Pizza & Deli
8/27/2020 Marisa Trees Legal Swine BBQ
8/20/2020 Marc Stonehouse Town & Country Liquors
8/13/2020 Gregory Roque Gem Woodstoves
8/6/2020 Rosemarie Syracuse Two Brothers Pizza & Deli
7/30/2020 Ernie K Anderson AGA Sales
7/23/2020 Darli Tomson Two Brothers Pizza & Deli
7/16/2020 Theodore Skaar Town & Country Liquors
7/9/2020 John Bectold Legal Swine BBQ
7/2/2020 Pamela Kaufman Cycle Center Inc
6/25/2020 Randall German Two Brothers Pizza & Deli
6/18/2020 Tapiwa Muronda Route 32 Supply
6/11/2020 Retta Salerno Town & Country Liquors
6/4/2020 Soni O’Bryan Gem Woodstove Co
5/28/2020 Andrew Jozefowicz Legal Swine
5/21/2020 Deborah Doersch Route 32 Supply
5/14/2020 Darli Tomson Two Brothers Pizza
5/7/2020 Mary Ann Hildebrandt Town & Country Liquors
4/30/2020 Bob Imbierowic Story’s Nursery
4/23/2020 Alan Field Nolan Propane & Sons
4/16/2020 Gregory Roque Country Armory, LLC
4/09/2020 Michael Kohler Two Brothers Pizza
4/02/2020 Annie Hoffstatter Legal Swine BB
3/26/2020 Brett Munson Town & Country Liquors
3/19/2020 Margaret Link Legal Swine BBQ
3/12/2020 Elaine Barbato Rip Van Winkle Brewery
3/05/2020 Art Chiarot Town & Country Liquor
2/27/2020 Sylvia Verrastro Legal Swine BBQ
2/20/2020 Brittany DeGroat Village Pizza
2/13/2020 Verda Lennon Rip Van Winkle Brewery
2/06/2020 Valerie Felter Two Brothers Deli & Pizza
1/30/2020 Frank Smith Legal Swine BBQ
1/23/2020 Mike Sullo Town & Country Liquor
1/16/2020 Trudy Bauser Village Pizza & Restaurant
1/9/2020 Kyle Brady Nolan Propane
1/2/2020 Carol Covert Rip Van Winkle Brewery
12/26/19 Arlene DePoala Two Brothers Pizza and Deli
12/19/19 Deb Bazzani Town & Country Liquors
12/12/19 W Carl Mayer Two Brothers Pizza and Deli
12/05/19 Mark Hoffstatter Rip Van Winkle Brewing Co
11/28/19 Lisa Broughton Cycle Center
11/21/19 Rose Cole Story’s Nursery
11/14/19 Deborah Doersch Gem Woodstoves
11/7/19 Sandra Smith Legal Swine BBQ
10/31/2019 Jennifer Jewett Rip Van Winkle Brewing Co
10/24/2019 Ed DeAngelis Two Brothers Pizza
10/17/2019 Mike Acqualiua Town & Country Liquors
10/10/2019 Toni Anne Riozzi Black Horse Farms
10/03/2019 Diane Glover-O’Malley Two Brothers Pizza
9/26/2019 Jack Skerritt Legal Swine BBQ
9/19/2019 Patrick Trees Country Armory
9/19/2019 Patrick Trees Country Armory
9/12/2019 Emily Capeles Rip Van Winkle Brewing Co
9/05/2019 Andrew Goldberg Chimney Cleaning, Thomas Vollweiler
8/29/2019 Mel Price Town & Country Liquors
8/22/2019 Sharon Werner Black Horse Farms
8/15/2019 Chelsea Wilber Rip Van Winkle Brewing Co
8/8/2019 Faithmarie Lozada Legal Swine BBQ
8/1/2019 John Wrolsen AGA Sales
7/25/2019 Roger Brandt Two Brothers Pizza
7/18/2019 George Beisel Town & Country Liquors
7/11/2019 Amy Cohen Black Horse Farms
7/4/2019 Katherine Anderson Rip Van Winkle Brewing Co
6/27/2019 Karen Link L J Neon Nails Salon
6/20/2019 Marc Stonehouse Town & Country Liquors
6/13/2019 Andrew Fisco AGA Sales
6/6/2019 Carol Cochrane Black Horse Farms
5/30/2019 Hetty Gunderud Route 32 Supply
5/23/2019 Danielle Mawhinney Rip Van Winkle Brewing Co
5/16/2019 Darli Tomson ABC Clean Up (ABC Pest Control-Benny)
5/9/2019 Frances Tique Rip Van Winkle Brewing Co
5/2/2019 Sarah Joan Brandt Town & Country Liquors
4/25/2019 Michael E. McDaniel Two Brothers Pizza
4/18/2019 Katie Boice Herzogs
4/11/2019 Holly Myer Black Horse Farms
4/4/2019 Gayle Schumacher Story’s Nursery
3/28/2019 Arnie Hyland Town & Country Liquors
3/21/2019 Gail Hackett ABC Clean Up (ABC Pest Control-Benny)
3/14/2019 Brett Munson Black Horse Farms
3/7/2019 Stuart Klausner ColorPage
2/28/2019 Marlyn DeWitt Two Brothers Deli & Pizza
2/21/2019 Margaret Wynkoop Greenville Saw Service
2/14/2019 Andrea Giarraputo Perry’s Junk Removal
2/7/2019 Jennifer Miller Two Brothers Deli & Pizza
1/31/2019 Sylvia Verastro Town & Country Liquors
1/24/2019 Sally Colclough Delicioso
1/17/2019 Deidre Hufnagel Country Armor
1/10/2019 Ray Krzywonos Heckeroth Plumbing & Heating
1/3/2019 Lynn Vroman Two Brothers Deli & Pizza
12/27/2018 Ruth Jones Town & Country Liquors
12/20/2018 Stacey Pangoulias Rip Van Winkle Brewing Co
12/13/2018 James Dixon Town & Country Liquors
12/6/2018 Ernie K Anderson Rip Van Winkle Brewing Co
11/29/2018 Rory Bisignano Delicioso
11/22/2018 Cheri Sagazie Catskill Mountain Christmas Tree Farm
11/15/2018 D. L. Benton Michelle’s Diner
11/8/2018 Gina Leahy Montanos
11/1/2018 Edna Houlihan The Apollo Saugerties Diner
10/25/2018 Ken Hallion KoscoHeritage
10/18/2018 Marissa Dragula Two Brothers Pizza
10/11/2018 Jeff Braitling Black Horse Farms
10/4/2018 Heather Ducker Town & Country Liquors
9/27/2018 Arlene Schuman Montano’s
9/20/2018 Verda Lennon Olympic Diner
9/13/2018 Margaret Wynkoop ABC Fuels
9/6/2018 Terri Drewes Delicioso
8/30/2018 Cathy Brawner Gem Woodstoves
8/23/2018 Winston Gedicks Country Armory
8/16/2018 Rebecca Mulford Two Brothers Pizza
8/9/2018 Kathy Brennan Town & Country Liquors
8/9/2018 Connie DiPeri Montano’s
8/2/2018 Melissa Teitter Two Brothers Pizza
7/26/2018 Alan Myer Black Horse Farms
7/19/2018 Lorraine Melville Barclay Heights Diner
7/12/2018 Phil Gori Barclay Heights Diner
7/5/2018 Louis Gandiosi Town & Country Liquors
6/28/2018 Tony Marmo Sunny Hill Resort & Golf Course
6/21/2018 Sal Oliveri Dr. Debra Koehn
6/14/2018 Randall German Town & Country Liquors
6/7/2018 Georgette Cutler Two Brothers Pizza
5/31/2018 Stuart Klausner Barclay Heights Diner
5/24/2018 Marisa Trees Black Horse Farms
5/17/2018 Jeanne Goldberg ABC Pest Control
5/10/2018 Brett Munson Olympic Diner
5/3/2018 Erica Pivko Montano’s
4/26/2018 Darli Tomson Story’s Nursery
4/19/2018 Timothy Webber Gary A Gregory Trucking
4/12/2018 Elaine Cornelison Catskill Golf Club
4/5/2018 Christine Johnson Black Horse Farms
3/29/2018 Michael Kohler Cycle Center, Inc.
3/22/2018 Silka Benz Town & Country Liquors
3/15/2018 Sharon Holowecki ABC Fuels
3/8/2018 John Drewes Legal Swine BBQ
3/1/2018 Nicholas Jackowitz Deli-Cioso
2/22/2018 Barbara Nacarrato Barclay Heights Diner
2/15/2018 Rochelle Murphy Super Bowl Cuisine
2/8/2018 Michael Pitt Cycle Center, Inc.
2/1/2018 Michelle Tummillo Legal Swine BBQ
1/25/2018 Brian Smith Town & Country Liquors
1/18/2018 Marsha Rubinstein Barclay Heights Diner
1/11/2018 David Smoddy Sawyer Motors
1/4/2018 Bilieta Doty Smoke Shop
12/28/2017 Anne Grunbaum Town & Country Liquors
12/21/2017 Alan Field Starr Collision
12/14/2017 MaryBeth Ochoa Barclay Heights Diner
12/7/2017 Nancy Downey Edible Arrangements
11/30/2017 Patrick Trees Black Horse Farms
11/23/2017 Ian Gedicks Slices of Saugerties
11/16/2017 Robert Valk Town & Country Liquors
11/9/2017 Joshua Wilbur Two Brothers Pizza
11/2/2017 Lois Macaya Kenco
10/26/2017 Ray Williams Maloney’s Liquors
10/19/2017 Betty Ferrcane Slices
10/12/2017 Scott Kress Montano’s
10/5/2017 Christine Johnson Two Brothers Pizza
9/28/2017 Robert Benton Herzog’s
9/21/2017 Lynnae Dean Montano’s Shoes
9/14/2017 Soni O’Bryan Blue Stone Tavern
9/7/2017 Veronica Voerg Town & Country Liquors
8/31/2017 Timothy Sweeney Super Bowl Cuisine
8/24/2017 Nancy Ducas Wiedy’s Furniture
8/17/2017 Seanne Crozier Super Bowl Cusine
8/10/2017 Dianne Tummillo Franks Village Jewelers
8/3/2017 John Rosa Bay Horse Gazebos & Barns
7/27/2017 David Chase C & C Unisex Hair Design
7/20/2017 Margaret Link #GIADASTRONG fundraiser
7/13/2017 Dawn Lorenz Bluestone Tavern
7/6/2017 Nancy Pavlak Two Brothers Pizza
6/29/2017 Bob Peterson Lawless Tree Service
6/22/2017 Susan Frank ABC Pest Control
6/15/2017 Jonathan Light Kenco
6/8/2017 Carol Mitchell Black Horse Farms
6/1/2017 John Matranga Barclay Heights Diner
5/25/2017 Jacqueline Rea Sunny Nails
5/18/2017 David Kaufman Slices Of Saugerties
5/11/2017 Ashley Wilsey Land & Sea Grill
5/4/2017 Bryan Burt Zoom Flume
4/27/2017 Ariel Behrens Pretty Things by Nancy
4/20/2017 Edward Sager Kenco
4/13/2017 Jean Fellows Town & Country Liquors
4/6/2017 Harry Vickery Two Brothers Pizza
3/30/2017 Maria Myer Montano’s Shoes
3/23/2017 Rosemarie Syracuse Black Horse Farms
3/16/2017 Ruth Riley Land & Sea Grill
3/9/2017 Michael Kohler Perry’s Junk Removal
3/2/2017 Donna Velano Sun Kissed Tanning Salon & Skin Care
2/24/2017 Tom Berryann Oyummy Modern Asian Fusion
2/16/2017 Bettyann Newton Kenco
2/9/2017 Christopher Moruzzi Chops Grille
2/2/2017 Betsy Converse Two Brothers Pizza
1/26/2017 Ed De Angelis Slices of Saugerties
1/19/2017 Maria Galowaty Oyummy Modern Asian Fusion
1/12/2017 Kenneth Goldberg Kingston Buffet
1/5/2017 Lauren Betterton Perfect 10 Nail
12/29/2016 Karl Kaysen Kenco
12/22/2016 Jeanne Crowley 9W Barber Shop
12/15/2016 Diana Benton Jewelry Expressions
12/8/2016 Amelia B. Buddington Two Brothers Deli & Pizza
12/1/2016 Richard Pesce Town & Country
11/24/2016 Jennifer Miller Tomo Sushi
11/17/2016 Douglas Burt Two Brothers Pizza
11/10/2016 Iva Kelly All Groomed Up
11/3/2016 Mary Zydel In The Sticks
10/27/2016 Carmelo Lugo 9W Barber Shop
10/20/2016 Brian Ciarlante Angela’s Italian Bistro & Brewery
10/13/2016 Nancy Ducas Saugerties Pharmacy
10/6/2016 Carol Covert Saugerties Diner
9/29/2016 Mark Hoffstatter Maloney’s
9/22/2016 Landa Bisignano Kingston Buffet
9/15/2016 Sal Oliveri Winter Tech
9/8/2016 Kyle Brady Chops Grille
9/1/2016 Darli Tomson Savona’s Plaza Pizza
8/25/2016 Gary Bedell Barclay Heights Diner
8/18/2016 Teryl Gedney Main Street Restaurant
8/11/2016 Robert Sawick Town & Country Liquors
8/4/2016 Harriet Farley Main Street Restaurant
7/28/2016 Carl Mayer Montano’s
7/21/2016 Laurie Kelly Dr. Koehn
7/14/2016 Tom Resso Bop to Tottom
7/7/2016 Patrice Fogarty Savona’s Plaza Pizza
6/30/2016 Winnie Stevens Town & Country Liquors
6/23/2016 Loretta Simmons Barclay Heights Diner
6/16/2016 Walt Johnson Maloney’s
6/9/2016 Jean Carnright Slices of Saugerties
6/2/2016 Tim Webber The Kingston Cigar Shoppe
5/26/2016 Delia Mach Barclay Heights Diner
5/19/2016 Richard Urbank Main Street Restaurant
5/12/2016 Lee Quirk Genters Jewelers
5/5/2016 Kathleen Trees Saugerties Antique Center
4/28/2016 Harry Newton Land & Sea
4/21/2016 Rose Cole Story’s Nursery
4/14/2016 Ed DeAngelis Sweet Frog
4/7/2016 Mary Martin Montano’s
3/31/2016 Joe Ferraro Two Brothers Deli & Pizza
3/24/2016 Debra Rifenburgh Barclay Heights Diner
3/17/2016 Robert Sinsapaugh Slices of Saugerties
3/10/2016 Jacqueline Cuomo Town & Country Liquors
3/3/2016 Marilyn Taylor Bop to Tottom
2/25/2016 Dominic Iannace All Groomed Up
2/18/2016 Toni Anne Riozzi Beesmer’s Furniture
2/11/2016 Mike Kohler Roudigan’s Steakhouse
2/4/2016 Deborah Ostling Savona’s
1/28/2016 Winston Gedicks Giordano’s Wood Fired Pizza
1/21/2016 Caren Burt Kenco
1/14/2016 John Bode Two Brothers Deli & Pizza
1/7/2016 Brett Vickery Town & Country Liquors
12/31/2015 Elly Monfett The Westerner
12/24/2015 Cheryl Newkirk Tip Top Furniture
12/17/2015 Marsha Rubinstein Town & Country Liquors
12/10/2015 Michael McDaniel Main Street Restaurant
12/3/2015 Donna O’Rourke Town & Country Liquors
11/26/2015 Fred Carney Heckeroth
11/19/2015 Ellie Thorne Two Brothers Deli & Pizza
11/12/2015 Liz White Bluestone Tavern
11/5/2015 Tom Speirs Saugerties Best Liquors & Wine
10/29/2015 Cathleen Pillsworth Barclay Heights Diner
10/22/2015 Roger Brandt Sawyer Energy
10/15/2015 Denise Dudzic Mirabella’s
10/8/2015 Thomas Houlihan Maloney’s
10/1/2015 Gail Walz Mirabella’s
9/24/2015 Earl Mitchell Saugerties Best Liquors & Wine
9/17/2015 Holly Myer Britt & Graff
9/10/2015 Jacob Quesnell Slices of Saugerties
9/3/2015 Scott Clark Kenco
8/27/2015 Cheryl Van Etten Herzog’s Home & Paint Centers
8/20/2015 Ann Marie Hoffstatter Catskill Golf Club
8/13/2015 Daniel Hegarty Montano’s Shoes
8/6/2015 Karyn Maier Sweet Frog

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